Rental Management at Crescent Shores

Crescent Shores Vacation Rental Management

You've invested a lot of money in your Crescent Shores unit and you deserve a vacation rental management company that you can trust to keep your property safe and earn you the most revenue. With more than 35 years of serving North Myrtle Beach, Condo-World should be your #1 choice. Condo-World leads the area in service, marketing, and customer satisfaction. Our dedicated homeowner team is always a call or email away. The Condo-World office is only 500 feet from Crescent Shores and dozens of owners already trust us to rent their property. Join our family today!

Our professional, local team of vacation specialists work with guests to rent your condo. Our guests are given the gold-standard treatment from the moment they call us to book or book online, to checking in at our local office, through their vacation until they check out, and even following up with guests after they leave. There is no secret to our customer service; we just treat people like they are guests in our own home. That's what keeps our condos rented all year, helping to maximize your income!

Highest Income

Don't let commission levels drive your decision; income is what matters. Condo-World delivers the highest income in North Myrtle Beach for your Crescent Shores condos.

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Customized Evaluations

Our team does a comprehensive walkthrough of your property to inspect & evaluate the condo to provide you with recommendations that will earn you more reservations!

Preventative Maintenance Program

Get year round care with Condo-World's Preventative Maintenance Program to help keep your condo safe, minimize wear, and prolong the life of your appliances.

Condo-World network of sites

Marketing Crescent Shores

Condo-World dominates North Myrtle Beach when it comes to advertising. Spending more than $1,000,000 in marketing and technology every year, your Crescent Shores condo will get exposure that simply cannot be matched. Your unit will be listed for rent on a network of websites that each offer a unique advantage by drawing in renters from a variety of places for a variety of reasons.


Check out the mothership. Condo-World is the brand our guests know and love. This site alone is responsible for millions of dollars in rentals all year. Don't miss out!

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MB Golf

Spring and Fall belong to golfers and they bring money! We would be crazy not to dedicate a site to golf packages. Get your condo in front of golfers on MB Golf.

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Complete your winter occupancy at Myrtle Beach Snowbirds. We have a site dedicated to the winter travelers seeking monthly rentals in Myrtle Beach. All of the condos there are managed by Condo-World.

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How We Advertise Your Condo

Condo-World invests heavily in a robust web presence. When you search for condos in North Myrtle Beach, we're there. When you search for Crescent Shores condos, we're there. When you search for Myrtle Beach condos, we're there. Those are just a few examples where we are in front of vacationers on high-impact search terms.

We understand that travelers do their homework prior to traveling, so we are also dedicated in having a large social media presence and curating reviews on Google, Facebook, and other great review websites. Our customers and other homeowners feel like family.

Our customer list is constantly growing. By signing on with Condo-World, you immediately gain access to our customer database of 250,000+ customers, growing by tens of thousands every year. This allows us to facilitate customer loyalty where we find that over 70% of new guests use Condo-World again after their first experience with us!

Pictures and videos sell. We work with some of the best photographers and videographers in the area to get the best shots of your condo for use on our websites and in advertising content like our brochure, postcards, digital ads, and TV commercials.

Income from Rental at Crescent Shores

Maximizing Income

Condo-World has a dedicated revenue management team to keep fingers on the pulse of your condo to get you the highest income possible year after year. We monitor and analyze the competition in the market, your unit's historical occupancy and rate, and consumer behaviors so your condo gets rented for the right price and you get a great return on your investment.

Revenue Barometer

Our proprietary software unlocks hidden insights into the rental patterns of your specific condo. When does it get booked? What rate does it typically book for? These questions are easily answered with our software, allowing us to make the decisions on when your rate should go down or up based on the demand. These insights help us to maximize your rental income all year, not just during the peak times of the year.

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